Table 2

Number of patients classified as progressors according to remission status (DAS28–CRP, SDAI, CDAI and ACR/EULAR) at baseline

Baseline remissionNo (%) of progressors ≥1 unit change per yearNo (%) of progressor total progression ≥ smallest detectable change
DAS28–CRP, n=10632 (30)11 (10)
SDAI, n=379 (24)2 (5)
CDAI, n=265 (19)1 (4)
ACR/EULAR, n=306 (20)2 (7)
  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; CDAI, clinical disease activity index; DAS28–CRP, disease activity score based on 28 joint count and C-reactive protein; EULAR, European League Against Rheumatism; SDAI, simplified disease activity index.