Table 4

ARs of CE with MRI, US and fluorescence optical imaging

FOI CI (%)FOI P1 (%)FOI P2 (%)FOI P3 (%)
MRI S (%)MRI T (%)MRI S or T (%)GSUS (%)PDUS (%)C1C2C1C2C1C2C1C2
CE s76767460807246798258487870
CE t75767156767144808058467766
CE s+t81837756847388848856468170
  • More detailed tables S1, S2 and S3 including 95% CI are only available online.

  • AR, agreement rate; C1, centre 1; C2, centre 2; CE, clinical examination; CI, composite image; FOI, fluorescence optical imaging; GSUS, ultrasonography in greyscale mode; P1, phase 1; P2, phase 2; P3, phase 3; PDUS, ultrasonography in power Doppler mode; s, swollen joints; S, synovitis; t, tender joints; T, tenosynovitis.