Table 2

Numbers and rates of adverse events of interest with tumour necrosis factor inhibitor treatment in patients with any adalimumab exposure (N=311, 1201.1 patient-years)

N (E/100 PYs)
Serious adverse events140 (11.7)
Serious infections17 (1.4)
Opportunistic infections*12 (1.0)
Malignancies (excluding lymphoma and NMSC)3 (0.2)
Lymphoma1 (<0.1)
NMSC5 (0.4)
Lupus-like syndrome1 (<0.1)
Congestive heart failure-related2 (0.2)
  • E, events; NMSC, non-melanoma skin cancer; PYs, patient-years.

  • * All mild to moderate candidiasis