Table 2

Intrarater reliability for the five rheumatologists of B-mode and power Doppler examinations on a joint-by-joint level with weighted κ, percentage exact agreement and percentage close agreement

Rater1Rater 2Rater 3Rater 4Rater 5Mean
B-mode κ0.830.790.770.750.700.77
B-mode PEA80.180.671.973.170.375.2
B-mode PCA99.498.199.796.296.898.0
Power Doppler κ0.830.860.860.810.730.82
Power Doppler PEA83.787.685.482.976.783.3
Power Doppler PCA98.498.
  • PCA, percentage close agreement; PEA, percentage exact agreement.