Table 3

ORs comparing HLA-C*06 allele frequencies in PsA (n=687) versus PsC (n=334) by age at onset of psoriasis*

Age at onset of psoriasisPsAPsCOR95% CIp Value
Allele frequencies
Early onset (<40 years)162 (29.6%)127 (50.8%)0.410.30 to 0.55<0.0001
Late onset (≥40 years)26 (18.7%)20 (23.8%)0.740.38 to 1.420.36
All188 (27.4%)147 (47.1%)0.470.36 to 0.63<0.0001
  • * The reduced number of patients with PsA is due to a lack of information about the age at onset of psoriasis for some of the patients.

  • HLA, human leucocyte antigen; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; PsC, psoriasis.