Table 1

Characteristics of identified publications

PublicationRegistry sourceIndicationAll patientsType of malignancyNOS quality score*
Abasolo et al (2008)20BIOBADASERRA4529All3/2/3
Askling et al (2005)26ARTISRA4160Solid4/2/3
Askling et al (2005)41ARTISRA4160Haematopoietic (including leukaemia and lymphoma)4/2/3
Askling (2007)27ARTISRA6403All3/2/3
Askling et al (2009)15ARTISRA6604All (including haematopoietic and skin)4/1/3
Askling et al (2009)23ARTISRA6604Lymphoma4/2/3
Askling (2009)28ARTISRA6604Skin2/1/3
Carmona and Gómez-Reino (2006)42BIOBADASERRA and SpA4536All3/0/3
Carmona et al (2007)43BIOBADASERRA789All4/2/3
Chakravarty et al (2005)29NDBRDRA15 789NMSC2/1/1
Dixon et al (2010)16BSRBRRA10 735All4/1/1
Du Pan et al (2009)14SCQM-RARA2364All2/0/3
Feltelius et al (2005)44ARTISRA1073All (including Lymphoma)3/0/3
Geborek et al (2002)45SSATGRA305All3/0/3
Geborek et al (2005)46SSATGRA757All (including leukaemia and lymphoma)3/0/2
Gibofsky et al (2009)18RADIUSRA2206All2/1/2
Greenberg et al (2007)19CORRONARA4651All (including haematologic and lymphoma and skin)3/2/3
Hetland et al (2005)47DANBIORheumatic disease419All3/0/3
Koike et al (2009)48NRRA7091All2/0/1
Kristensen et al (2005)49SSATGRA1216All2/0/2
Kristensen et al (2008)50SSATGPsA261Haematopoietic3/0/3
Mariette et al (2010)25RATIORheumatic disease plus Crohn's diseaseNRLymphoma3/2/3
Mercer et al (2009)30BSRBRRA11 757NMSC3/2/2
Pallavicini et al (2009)24LOHRENRA1064All (including haematopoietic and lymphoma)2/2/2
Strangfeld et al (2010)17RABBITRA3346All3/2/2
Watson et al (2006)51BSRBRRA9999All4/2/1
Wolfe and Michaud (2004)21NDBRDRA9162Lymphoma4/2/2
Wolfe and Michaud (2007)31NDBRDRA5257All and leukaemia and skin4/2/2
Wolfe and Michaud (2007)22NDBRDRA10 834Lymphoma4/2/3
  • * Score awarded for the following three areas: selection, score out of 4; comparability, score out of 2; outcome, score out of 3.

  • To avoid redundancy, these most recent publications reporting data of interest were included in evidence synthesis. Descriptions of the studies and explanations of the acronyms are available in supplementary appendix 3, available online only.

  • NMSC, non-melanoma skin cancer; NOS, Newcastle–Ottawa scale; NR, not reported; PsA, psoriatic arthritis; RA, rheumatoid arthritis; SpA, spondylarthritis.