Table 3

Diagnosis suspected at baseline for patients with (group A1) or without (group A2) follow-up visit in our clinic

N=331RA (n=83)Spondylarthropathy (n=74)CTD (n=52)FMS/CSS (n=2)Osteoarthritis (n=26)‘Other inflammatory’ (n=32)‘Other non-inflammatory’ (n=61)No diagnosis (n=1)
Group A1 (n (%)) (follow-up in the clinic)61 (28.6)51 (23.9)43 (20.2)1 (0.5)16 (7.5)14 (6.6)27 (12.7)0
Group A2 (n (%)) (stopped clinic attendance)22 (18.6)23 (19.5)9 (7.6)1 (0.8)10 (8.5)18 (15.3)34 (28.8)1 (0.8)
  • In the patients initially assigned to follow-up in the outpatient clinic (group A), and who were followed for 6–12 months, distribution of diagnoses suspected at baseline differed significantly between groups A1 and A2 (p<0.0001; χ2 test).

  • CSS, central sensitivity syndrome; CTD, connective tissue disease; FMS, fibromyalgia syndrome; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.