Table 2

Mean±SD change in cartilage thickness (mm)

Chanwge (mm)*Annual change (%)Cartilage thickness (SRM)
All (n=78)Weight loss (n=59)Weight gain/no change (n=19)All (n=78)Weight loss (n=59)Weight gain/no change (n=19)All (n=78)Weight loss (n=59)Weight gain/no change (n=19)
cLF−0. 07±0.2−0.08±0.2−0.05±0.2−3.6±9.3−4.1±9.2−2.1±9.6−0.40−0.45−0.26
  • Weight loss, any loss in weight; no change, no change in weight; weight gain, any gain in weight.

  • * Difference in cartilage thickness between follow-up and baseline.

  • Annual rate of change (%/year) = (change in cartilage thickness/baseline cartilage thickness)×100%.

  • Standardised response mean (mean/SD of change).

  • cLF, central lateral femur58; cMF, central medial femur; LT, lateral tibia; MT, medial tibia.