Table 1

Summary of adverse events and malignancy type for all patients who received one dose of abatacept during 3 years of the study

Event, IR/100 patient-yearsDouble-blind period abatacept+MTX (n=433)Cumulative period* abatacept+MTX (n=594)
Total AEs303.4249.8
Total SAEs17.715.1
Serious infections4.23.2
Autoimmune events2.52.2
Malignancy type, n
 Total patients with malignancies724
 Non-melanoma skin cancer515
 Basal cell carcinoma412
 Squamous cell carcinoma13
 Solid organ06
 Myelodysplastic syndrome11
  • * Data are presented for all patients who participated in the long-term extension regardless of randomised double-blind treatment group.

  • AE, adverse event; IR, incidence rate; MTX, methotrexate; SAE, serious adverse event.