Table 2

Spearman correlation coefficients and p values for the relationship between RAMRIS scores and clinical, laboratory and radiographic findings

GO-BEFORE (methotrexate-naive)GO-FORWARD (methotrexate inadequate response)
Synovitis*Bone oedema (osteitis)Bone erosionsSynovitis*Bone oedema (osteitis)Bone erosions
Baseline RAMRIS vs:
Baseline DAS280.40 (p<0.001)0.18 (p=0.002)0.21 (p<0.001)0.17 (p=0.021)0.00 (p=0.96)−0.02 (p=0.741)
Baseline CRP0.36 (p<0.001)0.37 (p<0.001)0.30 (p<0.001)0.27 (p<0.001)0.21 (p=0.002)0.13 (p=0.065)
Baseline total vdH-S0.26 (p<0.001)0.49 (p<0.001)0.64 (p<0.001)0.28 (p<0.001)0.53 (p<0.001)0.77 (p<0.001)
Baseline vdH-S erosion score0.58 (p<0.001)0.73 (p<0.001)
Week 24 RAMRIS vs:
Week 24 DAS280.30 (p<0.001)0.22 (p<0.001)0.23 (p<0.001)0.15 (p=0.05)0.00 (p=0.96)0.01 (p=0.89)
Week 24 CRP0.24 (p<0.001)0.25 (p<0.001)0.23 (p<0.001)0.21 (p=0.009)0.02 (p=0.84)−0.02 (p=0.83)
Weeks 24/28 total vdH-S0.25 (p<0.001)0.48 (p<0.001)0.65 (p<0.001)0.47 (p<0.001)0.54 (p<0.001)0.76 (p<0.001)
Weeks 24/28 vdH-S erosion score0.59 (p<0.001)0.71 (p<0.001)
RAMRIS ∆ to week 12 vs:
DAS28 ∆ to week 120.21 (p=0.001)0.17 (p=0.008)0.14 (p=0.028)0.14 (p=0.08)0.21 (p=0.004)0.01 (p=0.87)
DAS28 ∆ to week 240.21 (p=0.002)0.10 (p=0.14)0.08 (p=0.22)0.21 (p=0.008)0.18 (p=0.013)0.02 (p=0.83)
CRP %∆ to week 4−0.17 (p=0.010)−0.13 (p=0.040)−0.005 (p=0.94)−0.23 (p=0.002)−0.19 (p=0.007)0.06 (p=0.39)
CRP %∆ to week 12−0.21 (p=0.002)−0.19 (p=0.002)−0.05 (p=0.45)−0.22 (p=0.005)−0.20 (p=0.006)−0.04 (p=0.54)
Total vdH-S ∆ to weeks 24/280.08 (p=0.22)0.14 (p=0.033)0.05 (p=0.48)0.16 (p=0.07)0.10 (p=0.23)−0.18 (p=0.027)
vdH-S erosion score ∆ to weeks 24/280.03 (p=0.59)−0.15 (p=0.07)
RAMRIS ∆ to week 24 vs:
DAS28 ∆ to week 240.22 (p<0.001)0.13 (p=0.036)0.17 (p=0.006)0.36 (p<0.001)0.21 (p=0.008)0.10 (p=0.22)
CRP %∆ to week 24−0.20 (p=0.002)−0.25 (p<0.001)−0.06 (p=0.34)−0.32 (p<0.001)−0.22 (p=0.007)−0.03 (p=0.69)
Total vdH-S ∆ to weeks 24/280.13 (p=0.06)0.07 (p=0.31)0.03 (p=0.63)0.12 (p=0.22)0.16 (p=0.09)−0.06 (p=0.50)
vdH-S erosion score ∆ to weeks 24/280.07 (p=0.28)−0.03 (p=0.75)
  • Data are presented for all treatment groups combined.

  • * Several sites did not have the capability to obtain postgadolinium images of both the wrist and the metacarpophalangeal joints; therefore, RAMRIS synovitis scores are summarised and assessed for the subgroups of patients with both determinations.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; DAS28, 28-joint disease activity score calculated using CRP; RAMRIS, rheumatoid arthritis MRI score; vdH-S, van der Heijde modified Sharp score.