Table 1

Demographic data of all patients

VariableControl(n=48)IVIg(n=30)SR(n=14)SD(n=16)p Value
Characteristics of all patients(control vs IVIg)
 Sex (female)32 (67%)25 (83%)9 (64%)16 (100%)0.13
 Age at diagnosis (years)7.5±3.78.2±4.79.8±5.06.7±4.20.53
 Total length of follow-up (years)5.7±3.66.3±3.84.5±3.87.8±3.10.52
 Total no of visits per year4.1±2.94.6±1.95.0±2.34.3±1.40.37
Characteristics of patients receiving IVIg(SR vs SD)
 Age at first IVIg9.4±4.59.4±4.89.4±4.31.00
 Total no of infusion29±1826±1832±80.38
 Average length on IVIg (year)2.6±1.72.3±1.72.8±1.70.37
 Time from diagnosis before first IVIg (year)1.5±2.00.1±0.12.7±2.00.02
 Follow-up after first IVIg (year)4.9±3.24.6±3.75.2±2.90.68
  • Data shown as number of females (% of total) for sex, mean±SD for other rows.

  • IVIg, intravenous immunoglobulin; SD, corticosteroid dependent; SR, corticosteroid resistant.