Table 1

Baseline characteristics for all patients from the 10 European registries (Russia (Ru), Sweden (Swe), Norway (Nor), Finland (Fin), Denmark (Den), Slovenia (Slo), Spain (Sp), The Netherlands (Nth), the Czech Republic (Cz), Switzerland (Switz))

Test for heterogeneity between countries
Baseline characteristics of all patients (N=2019)Number of patients with available informationMean (SD) or %p Value (ANOVA/χ2)Significant difference between countries (post hoc analyses)
Age (years)198953.8 (13.3)<0.0001Swe higher vs all other countries. Ru lower vs all other countries
Gender (% female)199380.3<0.0001Ru higher vs Den, NL.
NL higher vs Cz
Disease duration (years)188812.1 (8.9)<0.0001Ru shorter vs Nor, Swe, Switz, Fin. Fin longer vs all countries.
Swe longer vs Den
N previous DMARDs15252.7 (1.6)<0.0001Switz and Ru lower vs Slo, Nor, NL, Den, Cz
N previous biological agents18441.1 (1.1)<0.0001Ru lower vs all countries.
Cz lower vs Den, Fin, NL, Nor
RF (% positive)172485.6<0.0001Cz lower vs all countries.
Switz higher vs Cz, Den, Nor, Ru and NL
Anti-CCP (% positive)59476.80.01Fin highest percentage, Den lowest
DAS2817305.8 (1.4)<0.0001Between almost all countries. Nor highest, Fin lowest.
HAQ8431.5 (0.7)0.002Cz higher vs Fin, Switz
Concomitant corticosteroids (%)182460.9<0.0001Cz and Den lower vs Fin, NL, Nor, Ru, Slo, Sp, Swe, Switz.
Ru higher vs Slo, Sp, Swe, Switz
Concomitant DMARDs (%)192076.7<0.0001NL lower vs all countries.
Switz higher than Swe, Ru, Den
  • ANOVA, analysis of variance; anti-CCP, anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibodies; DAS28, 28-joint count Disease Activity Score; DMARDs, disease-modifying antirheumatic drugs; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; RF, rheumatoid factor.