Table 3

Performance time for each set of three hand radiographs and the association between performance time and radiographic score for the Kellgren–Lawrence grading scale (KL), OARSI atlas (OARSI) and Verbruggen–Veys anatomical phase score (VV)

Performance time (minutes)
 Mean (SD)4.3 (2.5)9.3 (6.0)2.8 (1.5)
 5th to 95th Centile1.2–9.03.4–20.61.1–5.7
Association with radiographic score, β-coefficient (95% CI)*3.9 (1.0 to 6.8)8.0 (5.3 to 10.7)21.1 (12.9 to 29.2)
  • * Number of points in radiographic score associated with 1 min increment in performance time.