Table 1

MRI outcome for femoral and tibial side of the most affected compartment (OA, osteoarthritis) and the less affected compartment (NA, not affected) as well as for the whole joint (both compartments) of 20 patients treated for 2 months with joint distraction, before distraction (BL, baseline) and after 1 year, including two-sided p values

OANAWhole joint
MRIBL1 Yearp ValueBL1 Yearp ValueBL1 Yearp Value
ThCtAB (mm)
dABp (%)
ThCcAB (mm)
  • Primary structural outcome parameters: thickness of cartilage over total area of bone (ThCtAB) and the percentage area of denuded bone (dABp); secondary structural outcome parameter: thickness of cartilage over area of bone covered with cartilage (ThCcAB). Mean±SD values are presented.