Table 2

Correlation and canonical correlation analysis of LBP and LDD traits

LDD variableLBP12LBP1LBP_12QLBP_1Q
Pair-wise correlations
Canonical correlation, RNon-adjustedLDD-adjustedLBP-adjustedBoth adjusted
0.253//0.2610.280//0.2820.228//0.2390.270//0. 272
  • Pair-wise correlations between the lumbar disc degeneration (LDD) traits and low back pain (LBP) variables adjusted for age, weight and exercise. The definitions for all LDD and LBP variables are given in the Material and Methods section.

  • * Statistically significant p<0.005.

  • Canonical correlations (R) are given separately for LSUM with all LBP variables, left number and for four LDD components and four LBP variables (right number). All p values for canonical correlations were <10−4.

  • LBUL, disc bulge; LHT, disc height; LOST, anterior osteophytes; LSIG, disc signal intensity; LSUM, summary rank for four LDD traits.