Table 1

Univariate and multivariate logistic regression models with 1-year change in RAMRIS erosion score ≥ 1 unit as dependent variable

Univariate modelsFinal multivariate model
VariableOR95% CI for ORp ValueOR95% CI for ORp Value
Extensor carpi ulnaris tenosynovitis on US (yes vs no)7.001.77 to 27.680.0067.181.57 to 32.820.01
28 swollen joint counts (per unit)1.110.98 to 1.260.08
RAMRIS synovitis (per unit)1.260.96 to 1.650.10
RAMRIS bone marrow oedema (per unit)1.230.96 to 1.540.081.381.01 to 1.900.04
Gender (male vs female)4.750.96 to 23.570.064.380.79 to 24.320.09
Age (per year)0.980.94 to 1.030.53
  • Age and sex were forced into the multivariate model. These variables were tested in univariate models, but eliminated due to p value >0.20: age, rheumatoid factor, anticyclic citrullinated peptide, C reactive protein, erythrocyte sedimentation rate, disease activity score with 28 joint counts, 28 tender joint counts, MRI tenosynovitis score, US radio/carpal synovitis, US extensor carpi dorsalis tenosynovitis, US extensor carpi radialis tenosynovitis and US flexor tenosynovitis.

    RAMRIS, rheumatoid arthritis MRI score; US, ultrasonography.