Table 2

Doses of rituximab and glucocorticoids in six randomised controlled clinical trials

StudyRituximab doseIntravenous glucocorticoidOral glucocorticoid
Edwards et al1 (MTX-IR)2×1000 mg2×100 mg MP on days 1 and 1560 mg P days 2, 4–7 + 30 mg P days 8–14
Emery et al2 (DANCER) (MTX±TNF-IR)2×1000 mg or 2×500 mg(1) 0(1) 0
(2) 2×100 mg MP(2) 0
(3) 2×100 mg MP(3) 60 mg P days 2–7 + 30 mg P days 8–14
Cohen et al3 (REFLEX) (TNF-IR)2×1000 mg2×100 mg MP60 mg P days 2–7 + 30 mg P days 8–14
Tak et al25 (IMAGE) (MTX-naive)2×1000 mg or 2×500 mg2×100 mg MP
Rubbert-Roth et al23 (MIRROR) (MTX-IR)2×1000 mg or 2×500 mg or 1×1000 mg and 1×500 mg2×100 mg MP
Emery et al24 (SERENE) (MTX-IR)2×1000 mg or 2×500 mg2×100 mg MP
  • No marked difference in efficacy between the two rituximab doses.2 31,,33 IMAGE: 2×1000 mg associated with structural retardation first 24 weeks; maintenance with both rituximab doses week 24 to 2 years. Premedication associated with reduced infusion-related events infusion one; minimal difference for infusion two.

    IR, inadequate-responder; MP, methylprednisolone; MTX, methotrexate; P, prednisolone; TNF, tumour necrosis factor.