Table 3

Adjusted HRs (95% CIs) evaluating the risk of AMI associated with statin discontinuation stratified by timing of initiation of first statin, prior AMI, sex and age

No. of AMI (in each stratum)Adjusted HR for statin discontinuation (95% CI)p Value for interaction*
Initiation of first statin before RA
 Yes782.13 (1.29 to 3.52)0.18
 No1861.53 (1.06 to 2.21)
Prior AMI
 Yes681.55 (1.07 to 3.36)0.37
 No1961.61 (1.16 to 2.22)
 Men1361.79 (1.16 to 2.77)0.68
 Women1281.51 (1.01 to 2.28)
Age group
 <65 years622.19 (1.20 to 3.99)0.40
 ≥65 years2021.48 (1.05 to 2.09)
  • * p Value for the two-tailed Wald test of the interaction between a given stratification variable (shown in the first column) and statin discontinuation.

  • AMI, acute myocardial infarction; RA, rheumatoid arthritis.