Table 2

Scores for chronic inflammatory changes on MRI

Finding on MRISpine score per VUSI joint score per quadrant/joint
Fatty lesion0: normal bone marrow0: fatty lesions absent
1: fatty lesions of <25% of VU area1: fatty lesions present
2: fatty lesions of ≥25% and <50% of VU areaNA
3: fatty lesions of ≥50% of VU areaNA
Erosions*0: no erosion0: normal joint margin
1: erosion <25% of vertebral end plate1: 1–2 erosions
2: erosion ≥25% of vertebral end plate2: 3–5 erosions
NA3: >5 erosions
Ankylosis*0: no ankylosis0: ankylosis absent
1: syndesmophyte growth, not bridging1: ankylosis present
2: syndesmophyte growth, bridging (anterior/posterior)NA
3: transdiscal ankylosisNA
  • Maximum fatty lesion score per patient: 69 for spine and 8 for SI joints; maximum erosion score per patient: 46 for spine and 6 for SI joints; maximum ankylosis score per patient 69 for spine and 2 for SI joints.

  • * Erosions and ankylosis in the spine were scored on the VU level; in the SI joints erosions and ankylosis were scored for left and right SI joint (not per quadrant).

    NA, not applicable; SI joint, sacroiliac joint; VU, vertebral unit.