Table 3

Final multivariate linear regression models exploring the predictive values of baseline measures of inflammation as independent variables and 1-year time-integrated measures as independent variables

Regression model (1)Regression model (2)Regression model (3)
βp Valueβp Valueβp Value
Baseline measures of inflammation
 MRI bone marrow oedema0.
 MRI synovitis0.190.230.340.02
 Anti-CCP positivity0.280.04
R2=0.09, aR2=0.05R2=0.18, aR2=0.11R2=0.38, aR2=0.32
1-Year time-integrated measures of inflammation (AUC)
 MRI bone marrow oedema0.280.050.350.01
 MRI synovitis0.270.060.47<0.001
 Anti-CCP positivity0.300.02
R2=0.20, aR2=0.17R2=0.09, aR2=0.04R2=0.26, aR2=0.20
  • anti-CCP, anti-citrullinated protein antibodies; aR2, fraction of explained variance adjusted for the number of included variables; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; R2, fraction of explained variance.