Table 2

AE at least possibly related to imatinib, ocurring in more than one patient and all SAE

AE with possible relationSAE
Event%EventNo of events (no of patients)Attribution
Oedema80Haematuria (hospitalisations)7 (1)Not related
Nausea73Pneumonia2 (2)Unlikely
Myalgias67C difficile infection2 (1)Not related
CK elevation43Infected ulcer2 (2)Unlikely
Fatigue40Death (pneumonia)1 (1)Not related
Anaemia27Acute gastroenteritis1 (1)Not related
Pyrosis13Acute myocardial infarction1 (1)Not related
Vomiting13Anaemia blood transfusion1 (1)Not related
Weight loss13Fall1 (1)Not related
Headaches13Fluid overload1 (1)Probably
Effusions10Rectal prolapse, haemorrhoidal bleed1 (1)Unlikely
Hypocalcemia7Nephrolithiasis1 (1)Not related
Dry skin7Partial small bowel obstruction1 (1)Not related
Erectile dysfunction7Bleeding post renal biopsy (hospitalisation)1 (1)Not related
Generalised weakness7Tachyarrhythmia/cardiomyopathy1 (1)Possibly
  • AE, adverse event; CK, creatine kinase; SAE, serious adverse event.