Table 4

Face validity expressed as residual disease activity in the presence of remission*

Candidate remission definition90%Max90%Max90%Max90%Max90%Max90%Max
TJC28, SJC28, CRP ≤111110.61264848
TJC28, SJC28, CRP, PhGA ≤111110.61112728
TJC28, SJC28, CRP, PtGA ≤111110.61221123
TJC28, SJC28, CRP, pain ≤111110.61242611
TJC28, SJC28, CRP, PhGA, PtGA ≤111110.71111113
TJC28, SJC28, CRP, PhGA, pain ≤111110.71111511
TJC28, SJC28, CRP, PtGA, pain ≤111110.71121111
TJC28, SJC28, CRP, PhGA, PtGA, pain ≤111110.71111111
DAS28 <2.6274210.72.52538210
DAS28 <2.003260.72.5232424
SDAI ≤3.312120.72.7221213
  • * Values are the upper limits of residual disease activity in the RA core set measures for candidate definitions of remission observed in trial data sets using all trial arms (methotrexate monotherapy, tumor necrosis factor inhibitor monotherapy, and combination therapy with tumor necrosis factor inhibitors plus methotrexate). CRP is in mg/dl.

  • 90% = 90th percentile; Max = maximum observed value; DAS28 = 28-joint Disease Activity

  • Score; SDAI = Simplified Disease Activity Index (see table 1 for other definitions).