Table 4

Changes in pulmonary function during the 12 weeks of the study by treatment group

Baseline (week 0)Week 12Adjusted changes (week 12–week 0)
ParameterPlacebo*Etanercept*Placebo*Etanercept*PlaceboEtanerceptp Value
VC (l)3.39±0.743.48±0.793.35±0.763.58±0.81−0.05±0.26+0.14±0.260.003
FVC (l)3.25±0.733.33±0.743.23±0.793.47±0.78−0.02±0.28+0.16±0.280.006
FEV1 (l)2.65±0.652.80±0.702.62±0.662.83±0.71−0.02±0.22+0.05±0.220.205
Ratio FEV1/FVC (%)81.86±10.0983.87±8.7581.52±10.8781.40±8.73+0.10±5.05−2.5±5.050.030
VC (% of predicted)80.02±19.6879.26±16.7679.12±17.9081.55±16.53−1.44±5.76+2.88±5.760.002
FVC (% of predicted)78.98±14.8878.51±15.5978.96±17.2881.71±15.80−0.33±6.59+3.75±6.590.009
Patients with restrictive pattern (FVC ≤80%), n(%)24 (57.1%)21 (55.3%)27 (71.1%)16 (43.2%)0.032§
  • * Data are mean±SD.

  • Data are adjusted mean±SD from a mixed model ANCOVA with an autoregressive correlation structure with treatment groups, visits and their interaction as fixed factors and baseline scores as a covariate.

  • Data are number (%) of patients.

  • § Statistically significant (Fisher exact test).

  • FEV1, forced expiratory volume in 1 second; FVC, forced vital capacity; VC, vital capacity.