Table 6

Adjusted generalised estimating equation Poisson analysis for infections requiring hospitalisation

CDAI (N=6020)DAS28 (N=3666)
Estimated IRR95% CIp ValueEstimated IRR95% CIp Value
5-Unit change in CDAI
If CDAI <101.560.94 to 2.590.08
If CDAI ≥101.030.86 to 1.22NS
DAS28 (0.6 units)1.251.03 to 1.510.03
No prednisone use11
Prednisone <7.5 mg daily1.310.64 to 2.66NS1.420.38 to 5.25NS
Prednisone ≥7.5 mg daily6.473.10 to 13.50<0.00112.784.14 to 39.48<0.001
History of infections2.411.24 to 4.700.01
History of hospitalised infections7.173.33 to 15.45<0.001
  • Additional infection risk at clinical disease activity index (CDAI) ≥10 when compared with low CDAI (<10).

  • Baseline category.

  • DAS28, disease activity score 28; IRR, incidence rate ratio.