Table 1

Ultrasound, MRI, conventional radiography and clinical examination findings in the MRI-examined hand

Ultrasound (%)MRI (%)Conventional radiography (%)Clinical examination (%)
Bone erosions
 PIP joint (total)212911NA
 DIP joint (total)526838NA
 PIP joint (total)54344144
 DIP joint (total)75757171
 PIP joint (total)2016NANA
 DIP joint (total)9.23NANA
 PIP joint (total)7575NA30
 DIP joint (total)5754NA4
Bone marrow oedema
 PIP joint (total)NA39NANA
 DIP joint (total)NA68NANA
  • 56 Fingers (‘total’, 56 proximal interphalangeal (PIP) and 56 distal interphalangeal (DIP) joints) were examined. The distribution was as follows: 72 joints in erosive osteoarthritis (EOA; 36 PIP and 36 DIP joints) and 40 joints in non-EOA (20 PIP and 20 DIP joints). The imaging modalities were ultrasonography, MRI and conventional radiography.

  • * Synovitis by ultrasound = grey-scale synovitis; synovitis by MRI = above normal soft tissue enhancement.

  • NA, not applicable.