Table 2

CPDAI score total 0–15

Not involved (0)Mild (1)Moderate (2)Severe (3)
Peripheral arthritis≤4 Joints (swollen or tender); normal function (HAQ <0.5)*≤4 Joints but function impaired; or > 4 joints, normal function>4 Joints and function impaired
Skin diseasePASI ≤10 and DLQI ≤10PASI ≤10 but DLQI >10; or PASI >10 but DLQI ≤10PASI >10 and DLQI >10
Enthesitis≤3 Sites; normal function (HAQ <0.5)*≤3 Sites but function impaired; or >3 sites but normal function>3 Sites and function impaired
Dactylitis≤3 Digits; normal function (HAQ <0.5)*≤3 Digits but function impaired; or >3 digits but normal function>3 Digits and has function impaired
Spinal diseaseBASDAI <4; normal function (ASQol <6)BASDAI >4 but normal function; BASDAI <4 but function impairedBASDAI >4 and function impaired
  • * Health assessment questionnaire (HAQ) only counted if clinical involvement of domain (joint/enthesis/dactylitis) present.

  • ASQoL, ankylosing spondylitis quality of life; BASDAI, Bath ankylosing spondylitis disease activity index; CPDAI, composite psoriatic disease activity index; DLQI, dermatology life quality index; PASI, psoriasis area severity index.