Table 4

Multiple regression analysis with mean yearly radiographic progression rate over 5 years of treatment as dependent outcome

ItemB95% CIStandardised βp valueR2
Intercept0.9680.290 to 1.6450.005
Age−0.001−0.010 to 0.007−0.0200.7730.000
Gender−0.123−0.370 to 0.124−0.0680.3280.008
Treatment strategy0.171−0.062 to 0.4040.1020.1490.013
Rheumatoid factor positive0.3540.105 to 0.6030.1930.0060.055
Baseline joint damage0.0700.044 to 0.0950.3650.0000.200
EULAR good-response*−0.427−0.740 to −0.114−0.2460.008
EULAR moderate-response*−0.091−0.329 to 0.210−0.0540.5520.242
  • * Early EULAR non-response used as reference category. Age, gender and treatment strategy were used as covariates. R2 = explained variance. The R2 is shown for every extra variable included in the model.