Table 7

Mean systemic lupus erythematosus disease activity index (SLEDAI) by group and period

GroupMean (range) SLEDAI before randomisationMean (range) SLEDAI after randomisationChangep Value for changeDifference in change between groupsp Value for difference between groups
 Atorvastatin2.0 (0–18)2.2 (0–24)0.20.45*0.10.92*
 Placebo1.9 (0–14)2.0 (0–18)0.10.54*
 Atorvastatin0.63 (0–3)0.72 (0–3)0.090.034*0.090.19*
 Placebo0.68 (0–3)0.67 (0–3)0.000.81*
  • * Based on a mixed-effects model to account for repeated measures of SLEDAI on the same patients.

  • PGA, Physician Global Assessment.