Table 2

Changes in indicators of atherosclerosis

MeasureMean at baselineMean after 2 yearsMean changep Value for changeDifference in change, statin minus placebo(95% CI)p Value for difference between groups*
Loge (coronary artery calcium score + 1)
 Atorvastatin1.−0.08 (−0.39 to 0.23)0.62
Carotid intima media thickness (mm)
 Atorvastatin0.590.660.07<0.0001−0.02 (−0.05 to 0.01)0.24
  • This table is based on the 96 patients given atorvastatin and the 91 patients given placebo for whom there were both baseline and follow-up measures.

  • * Based on an ANCOVA model controlling for baseline level.