Table 2

Relations between inflammation on MRI and ultrasonography and subsequent erosive progression on CT at the bone level (MRI bone oedema) and joint level (MRI synovitis, ultrasonography power Doppler, ultrasonography grey scale synovitis) at 12 months

Imaging parameterPresent versus not present at baselineEver present versus never presentTime integrated (AUC) score
MRI bone oedemaFisher: p<0.001Fisher: p<0.001Mann–Whitney: p<0.001
RR: 3.8 (1.5–9.3); p=0.0042RR: 14.8 (4.3–50.7); p<0.0001
MRI synovitisFisher: p=0.77Fisher: p=0.93Mann–Whitney: p=0.063
RR: 0.68 (0.04–11.5); p=0.79RR: 0.24 (0.017–3.6); p=0.30
Ultrasonography power DopplerFisher: p=0.036Fisher: p=0.006Mann–Whitney: p=0.002
RR: 7.6 (0.91–63.2); p=0.061RR: 16.9 (0.97–294); p=0.052
Ultrasonography grey-scale synovitisFisher: p=0.030Fisher: p=0.034Mann–Whitney: p=0.037
RR: 11.2 (0.65–195.7); p=0.10RR: 10.3 (0.59–179.3); p=0.11
  • AUC, area under the curve.