Table 2

Proportion of patients reaching each category of different response and remission criteria after 3–4 months of methotrexate monotherapy

Overall (n=395)In model (n=322)
EULAR response*
 Good, n (%)13634%9429%
 Moderate, n (%)16141%14244%
 None, n (%)9825%8627%
ACR response
 ACR70, n (%)5313%3812%
 ACR50, n (%)13133%9730%
 ACR20, n (%)21354%16150%
SDAI response
 Major, n (%)13433%10533%
 Minor, n (%)14335%11736%
 None, n (%)12832%10031%
CDAI response§
 Major, n (%)21353%16953%
 Minor, n (%)8922%7222%
 None, n (%)10225%8025%
DAS28 remission9022%5818%
SDAI remission5313%3511%
CDAI remission§5915%3912%
  • Definitions of the outcome measures are given in table 1 in the online supplement.

  • * EULAR (EUropean League Against Rheumatism) response.

  • ACR (American College of Rheumatology) response criteria.

  • SDAI (Simple Disease Activity Index) response/remission.

  • § CDAI (Clinical Disease Activity Index) response/remission.

  • DAS28, 28-joint Disease Activity Score.