Table 2

Association between AUSCAN with SF-36 PCS and AUSCAN with SF-36 MCS (n=439)

β-estimate* p Valueβ-estimate* p Value
AUSCAN scalesPCS (95% CI)MCS (95% CI)
AUSCAN total−0.3 (−0.4 to −0.2)<0.001−0.2 (−0.3 to −0.1)<0.001
AUSCAN function−0.4 (−0.5 to −0.2)<0.001−0.1 (−0.2 to 0.2)NS
AUSCAN pain−0.1 (−0.4 to 0.2)NS−0.3 (−0.7 to 0.1)NS
  • * Adjusted for age, gender, marital state, low education, BMI (kg/m2), current smoking, paid employment, OA type.

  • AUSCAN, Australian/Canadian OA hand index; BMI, body mass index; OA, osteoarthritis; MCS, mental component summary score; PCS, physical component summary score.