Table 1

Baseline characteristics

CharacteristicNo. (total n=244)
Age in years, mean ± SD47 ± 11
Female sex181 (74%)
Arthralgia duration in months, median (IQR)12 (8–36)
Number of reported painful joints, median (IQR)2 (0–4)
Tender joint count (53 joints), median (IQR)0 (0–1)
Antibody status
 IgM-RF positive, aCCP negative81 (33%)
 aCCP positive, IgM-RF negative89 (37%)
 aCCP and IgM-RF positive74 (30%)
Antibody levels
 IgM-RF (IU/ml), median (IQR)*76 (42–123)
 aCCP (AU/ml), median (IQR)*39 (12–145)
Shared epitope status
 Positive128 (52%)
  • * Patients who were positive only.

  • aCCP, anti-cyclic citrullinated peptide antibody; AU/ml, arbitrary units/ml; IgM-RF, IgM rheumatoid factor.