Table 1

Age-standardised distribution of characteristics among women participating in the Nurses' Health Study by menopausal status

(n=56 878)Natural (n=24 624)Surgical (n=11 033)(n=5395)Natural (n=46 613)Surgical (n=12 958)
Age, mean ± SD (years)42.0±5.354.1±3.550.4±5.751.9±2.263.0±6.862.5±6.9
Body mass index (kg/m2)24.524.524.826.326.326.9
Diuretic use (%)9.08.611.63.79.313.1
History of hypertension (%)15.217.421.243.537.946.8
Alcohol intake (g/day)
Total meat intake (servings/day)
Seafood intake (servings/day)
Total dairy food intake (servings/day)
Total coffee intake (servings/day)
Total fructose intake (g/day)21.321.822.522.321.121.4
Total vitamin C intake (mg/day)299292326476366374
Smoking status (%)
Age at menopause, mean ± SD (years)Not applicable48.8±4.042.2±6.5Not applicable50.0±3.744.3±6.3