Table 4

Outcome of patients who participated in the flare study with information about their clinical involvement

PatientsPanel assessment of flareOrgans/systems involved (those in bold were active in the current flare)Outcome
A (AT)ModerateRash, mouth ulcers, arthritis, renal haematologyJoint problems resolved spontaneously
B (AM)ModerateArthritis, rash, CNS, haematologyAnticonvulsants increased
C (RG)SevereArthritis, rash, gut vasculitis, mouth ulcersAdmitted immediately for BCD
D (KL)ModerateArthritis, malar rash, panniculitis haematologyPrednisolone 20 mg/day and given BCD
E (JK)NoneArthritis, pleuritis, renal haematologyNo change in therapy
F (RE)SevereArthritis, pleurisy, haematology, mouth ulcersMethotrexate dose increased
G (H)MildArthritis, rash, psychosis, renalPrednisolone 5 mg/day
H (MJ)MildArthritis, rash, renal haematologyNo change in therapy
I (AB)ModerateArthritis, rash, renal, haematologyNo change in therapy
J (NA)SevereArthritis, pleurisy, haematology, feverAdmitted immediately for BCD
K (SP)SevereArthritis, haematology, rash, mouth ulcers, vasculitisPrednisolone to 20 mg/and started MMF
L (LD)SevereVasculitis, rashes, arthritis, mouth ulcers, CNS (seizure)Admitted for IVMP + AZA started
M (HH)SevereRash, mouth ulcers, arthritis, haematology, vasculitisAdmitted for IVMP
N (FM)SevereArthritis, rash, mouth ulcers, CNS (confusional state), renal, haematologyGiven prednisolone 20 mg/day + MMF started
0 (AM)ModerateRash, arthritis, pleurisyAdmitted for IVMP
P (JS)SevereRash, CNS (hallucinations), mouth ulcersGiven IM steroids and tacrolimus cream
  • AZA, azathioprine; BCD, B-cell depletion; CNS, central nervous system; IM, intramuscular; IVMP, intravenous methyl prednisolone; MMF, mycophenolate.