Table 1

Demographic indicators and baseline disease characteristics

Enrolled patients (N=114)RRR-achieved (N=56)RRR-failed (N=46)p (probability >χ2)
Women87 (76%)42 (75%)38 (83%)0.4691
Age (years)51.4 (20.0–73.0)49.5±12.656.1±12.20.0053
Disease duration (years)5.9 (0.1–38.0)4.8±5.97.8±7.70.0238
Tender joint count (0–28)8.2±6.78.6±7.07.5±5.80.5798
Swollen joint count (0–28)9.0±7.210.1±7.77.6±5.80.1674
PaGA (0–100 mm, VAS)50.0±23.050.0±24.249.3±23.10.9520
CRP (mg/dl)2.5±3.02.6±2.62.7±3.70.5531
ESR (mm/h)46.2±26.943.1±24.254.1±30.10.1555
DAS28 (ESR) score5.5±1.25.5±1.45.6±1.10.9112
DAS28 (CRP) score4.9±1.25.1±1.34.8±1.30.5486
mTSS*63.3 (1.0–314.0)46.9±46.597.2±86.90.0207
RF (U/ml)201.9±496.5 (68.5%)225.7±583.3197.9±427.80.5190
MTX (mg/week)7.7±2.37.9±1.97.8±2.80.3232
PSL (mg/day)2.5±3.4 (45.6%)2.4±3.52.8±3.50.5223
  • Data are number of patients (%) for categorical data and the means for continuous data. Statistical difference was assessed by non-parametric Wilcoxon t test and p (probability >χ2) values are shown. Values in italic indicate a significant difference (p<0.05).

  • * Data supplied for 33 patients who achieved RRR and 16 patients for whom RRR failed.

  • CRP, C-reactive protein; DAS28, Disease Activity Score, including a 28-joint count; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; HAQ-DI, Health Assessment Questionnaire-Disability Index; mTSS, modified total Sharp score; MTX, methotrexate; PaGA, patient global assessment of disease activity; PSL, prednisolone; RF, rheumatoid factor; RRR, remission induction by Remicade in rheumatoid arthritis; VAS, visual analogue scale.