Table 2

Summary of secondary efficacy results

Median (range) IL-6 (IU/l)Mean (SD) pain VAS (mm)Mean (SD) DAS 28
Start DB (N=288)860 (200–23000)1110 (200–20800)51 (15)52 (17)5.8 (0.8)5.9 (0.9)
End OP (N=219)470* (200–18300)515* (200–8100)40* (26)39* (24)4.8* (1.3)4.9* (1.2)
  • * As a non-parametric approach for the paired samples, Wilcoxon signed rank tests were applied to the absolute changes from baseline of the double-blind phase (p<0.05).

  • These data are from the double-blind phase.

  • Descriptive p values are given for the absolute changes from the baseline double-blind phase for available pairs of data.

  • DAS 28, disease activity score of 28 joints; DB, double-blind study phase; IL-6, interleukin 6; IR, immediate-release; MR, modified-release; n, number of available data; N, number of patients enrolled; OP, open-label extension phase; VAS, visual analogue scale.