Table 3

Test performance of imaging modalities and measures of disease severity in identifying early RA patients at risk of developing subsequent MRI erosions

Cut-off valuesSensitivity/specificityPPV/NPVPLR/NLRAccuracy
MRI synovitis<4.5 vs ≥4.50.65/0.560.74/0.451.47/0.630.62
MRI BME<2.5 vs ≥2.50.51/0.640.73/0.411.42/0.760.56
MRI tenosynovitis<10.5 vs ≥10.50.38/0.720.72/0.381.34/0.870.49
USGS inflammation<0.5 vs ≥0.50.79/0.550.76/0.601.75/0.380.70
DXR BMD, g/cm2≤0.59 vs >0.590.52/0.290.58/0.250.74/1.640.44
DXR BMD, 3-month change, %≤−0.24 vs >−0.240.44/0.330.56/0.230.66/1.680.40
Radiographic damage, vdHSS<4.5 vs ≥4.50.35/0.760.74/0.381.48/0.850.49
ESR, mm/h≤20 vs >200.32/0.690.68/0.331.04/0.980.44
CRP, mg/l≤10 vs >100.28/0.810.75/0.361.47/0.890.46
Anti-CCP, U/ml≤25 vs >250.58/0.480.70/0.351.12/0.860.55
IgM RF, U/ml≤25 vs >250.49/0.600.72/0.361.23/0.850.53
DAS28Remission/low vs moderate/high0.74/0.210.67/0.260.93/1.270.57
  • Anti-CCP, antibody to cyclic citrullinated protein; BME, bone marrow oedema; CRP, C-reactive protein; DAS28, disease activity score based on 28 joint count; DXR BMD, digital x-ray radiogrammetry bone mineral density; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; NLR, negative likelihood ratio; NPV negative predictive value; PLR, positive likelihood ratio; PPV, positive predictive value; RF, rheumatoid factor; USGS, ultrasound grey-scale; vdHSS, van der Heijde modified Sharp score.