Table 2

Clinical and biological characteristics of different ultrasound (US) subgroups

PD+/SH+ (n=34, 36.2%)PD−/SH+ (n=31, 33.0%)PD−/SH− (n=29, 30.8%)
ERA(n=20, 41.7%)LSRA(n=14, 30.4%)ERA (n=7, 14.6%)LSRA (n=24, 52.2%)ERA(n=21, 43.7%)LSRA(n=8, 17.4%)
Age (years)58.9±14.447.5±14.549.0±12.648.5±10.452.3±13.148.1±15.0
Disease duration (months)7.1±3.0130.3±90.58.3±3.9114.0±69.46.3±2.7114.0±40.1
DAS T01.1±0.31.2±0.40.9±0.41.1±0.41.1±0.31.1±0.4
HAQ T00.2±0.30.7±0.50.2±0.30.4±0.50.2±0.30.4±0.9
  • Values shown are mean±SD or percentages.

  • CCP, anti-cyclic-citrullinated peptide antibodies; DAS, disease activity score; ERA, early rheumatoid arthritis; HAQ, Health Assessment Questionnaire; LSRA, longstanding rheumatoid arthritis; PD+, positive of power-Doppler signal; PD−, no power-Doppler signal; RF, rheumatoid factor; SH+, presence of synovial hypertrophy; SH−, no synovial hypertrophy; T0, time of ultrasound evaluation.