Table 1

Linear mixed model (LMM) results of predictors of outcome HAQ during 5 years of DAS-steered treatment

Variableβ95% CIExplained variance* (%)
Ln (time)0.0440.031 to 0.057*20
Previous HAQ0.2340.213 to 0.255*20
Previous DAS0.2130.200 to 0.226*28
Delta DAS (current DAS–previous DAS)0.1830.166 to 0.200*37
Previous DAS×delta DAS0.0220.016 to 0.027*37
  • DAS, disease activity score; HAQ, health assessment questionnaire; ln (time), natural logarithm of time since baseline; LMM, linear mixed model.

  • The intercept is −0.037 with a p value of 0.145.

  • βrepresents results of final multivariable LMM. In the right-hand column the increasing explained variance of the model is given (compared with a LMM with only a random intercept), by adding first a random slope with ln time (explained variance 18%), and then one by one the variables shown in the table.

  • * p<0.05.