Table 2

Baseline characteristics of patient in medication strategy trials

StudyArmsAdjustment if (target)Adjustment toMean age (SD) at inclusionWomen (%)Median (range)/mean±SD disease duration since diagnosisRF+ (%)
FIN-RACo16SSZ+MTX+HCQInt ACR remis criteria* not metDose increase47±10n=567.3 (2–22) months70
SSZDose increase48±10n=658.6 (2–23) months66
NEO-RACo21SSZ+MTX+HCQ+IFXInt ACR remis criteria* not metDose increase46±10674 (2–6) months (symptom duration)68
SSZ+MTX+HCQ+placeboDose increase
BeSt22Seq monoDAS44 >2.4MTX→SSZ→Lef54±13682 (1–5) weeks67
Step upMTX→+SSZ→+HCQ54±13712 (1–4)64
MTX+SSZ+pred→MTX+CsA55±14652 (1–4)65
MTX+IFXDose increase54±14663 (1–5)64
GUEPARD27MTX+adaDAS28 ≥3.2Ada dose increase47.8±15.780<6 months74
MTXAdd ada
Saunders et al28Step-upDAS28 ≥3.2SSZ→+MTX→+HCQ55±117913±12 months72
Triple therapyMTX+SSZ+HCQ → dose↑55±157610±969
Ferraccioli et al29MTXACR50 not met+CsA → +SSZ59±0, 7861.2±0.8 years73
CsA+MTX → +SSZ54±14841.0±0.852
SSZDose increase59±15862.0±1.055
Verschueren et al30Step-downBased on DAS and CRPSSZ+MTX+ step-down pred45±17630.7±0.6 months79
Step-upSSZ→ +MTX→ + HCQ→ +aza→ add other55±15650.8±0.752
  • * The criterion ‘no fatigue’ was omitted.

  • → +, add following; →, change to following; dose ↑, dose increase.

  • ACR, American College of Rheumatology; Ada, Adalimumab; aza, azathioprine; CRP, C-reactive protein; CsA, ciclosporin; DAS, Disease Activity Score; FIN-RACo, Finnish Rheumatoid Arthritis Combination Therapy; GUEPARD, GUerir la PolyArthrite Rhumatoide Debutante (cure early RA); HCQ, hydrochloroquine; IFX, infl iximab; Int ACR remis, intensifi es ACR remission criteria; Lef, lefl unomide; MTX, methotrexate; pred, prednisone; seq mono, sequential monotherapy; SSZ, sulfasalazrine.