Table 1

Baseline characteristics of patients and treatment strategies in steering strategy trials

StudyArms (n)Adjustment ifFrequent visitsMedian (IQR)/mean age±SD at inclusionWomen (%)Median (IQR)/mean±SD disease duration since diagnosisRF+ (%)
TICORA5Intensive (55)DAS>2, 4Monthly51±157119±16 months75
Conventional (55)Judgment of rheumatologist3-Monthly54±116920±16 months73
CAMERA6I (151)No SJC+2 of: ≤3 TJC, ≤20 ESR, ≤20 VASpt globalMonthly54±1469<1 year66
Conventional (148)Judgment of rheumatologist3-Monthly53±1566<1 year62
Fransen et al7DAS guided (79)DAS28≥3.2Monthly57±11676 (3–14) years84
Conventional (75)Judgment of rheumatologistN/A57±10624 (2–10) years87
BROSG8Aggressive care by rheumatologist (233)CRP>2× normal4-Monthly60.4±11.16812.6±6.7 yearsN/A
Symptomatic care (233)Based on nurse interview4-Monthly60.8±11.36812.5±6.8 yearsN/A
van Hulst et al10DAS steered (144)DAS28>3.23-Monthly58609 years75
Conventional (104)Judgment of rheumatologist3-Monthly60656 years79
Allaart et al11DAS steered (arm 1 and 2 BeSt) (247)DAS>2, 43-Monthly54±13 and 54±1368 and 712 (1–5) and 2 (1–4) weeks65
Conventional (N/A)Judgment of rheumatologistN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A
Stenger et al12Intensive high risk (78)<50% CRP decreaseN/A58 (20–72)656.5±3, 2 months91
Intensive low risk (61)49 (18–72)757.0±3.469
Routine care high risk (42)Judgment of rheumatologist54 (24–72)677.5±3.3100
Routine care low risk (47)46 (17–70)687.0±3.679
van der Woude et al13DAS steered (all arms BeSt) (508)DAS>2, 43-MonthlyN/AN/ALongerN/A
Conventional (410)Judgment of rheumatologistShorter
van Tuyl et al14DAS steered (11)If goal not met2-Monthly52±14732±2 months73
CTX-II steered (10)50±13604±6 months78
Edmonds et al15SJC steered (85)SJC≥3N/A56±12 yearsN/A7.2±6.6 monthsN/A
CRP steered (82)Elevated CRP
Conventional (82)Judgment of rheumatologist
Brenol et al31Intensive (241)DAS28<2.6 or <3.2Minimum54.9±11.898510 yearsN/A
CDAI<2.8 or <104 monthly
Proudman et al32Intensive (61)Based on SJC ESR/CRP; TJC fatigueN/A56±1476<24 weeks61
Kuper et al33Intensive (190)DAS28<2.6N/A57.3±13.76416 (1–52) weeks53
  • BROSG, British Rheumatoid Outcome Study Group; CAMERA, Computer Assisted Management for Early Rheumatoid Arthritis; CRP, C reactive protein; CDAI, Crohn's Disease Activity Index; CTX-II, C-terminal cross-linked telopeptide of type II collagen (marker for cartilage degradation); DAS, Disease Activity Score; ESR, erythrocyte sedimentation rate; N/A, not applicable; RF, rheumatoid factor; SJC, swollen joint count; TICORA, TIght COntrol of Rheumatoid Arthritis; TJC, tender joint count; VAS, visual analogue scale.