Table 1

Patient characteristics and effects of treatments including previous and concomitant treatments

TreatmentNumber of ulcers during treatment
Patient no.Activity scoreSystemic sclerosis (SSc) typeDD (years)Age (years)Previous and concomitantStartDuration (months)Dosage (mean, mg/day)StartMinEndCompl healNewSide effects
14.5Diff269CCB, PC (4), PXJanuary2§5010010No
22.0Lim4151SL, CCB, PC (2), ASAOctober115011100No
33Lim0.540PC (3.5), CCB, SL, P (7.5)September3§15031221No
43.0Diff2554ACE, CCB, ASS, P (2.5)February65010010No
52.5Lim1159PX, PC (3), CCB, HQ, P (4),February615010010E, Fl, Pa, Dizz, Rx
6*0.5Diff555PC (1.5), SG, CCB, AB, ACEApril2.57520020Dys, E, WI
71.0Lim0.539PC (5), CCB, ATB, P (7)January610030041Fl, Pa, RRR, Rx
85.0Diff558AA, CCB, ACE, PC (4)October615020121Fl
91.0Lim329CCB, PX, ASA,January615021110E
10*1.0Lim670PC (4), SG, CCB, ACE AZA, P (5), PXAugust<15055500AF, Dizz
111.0Lim648PP, PC (2), PX, CCB, ACMay<17522200No
122.5Diff254CCB, ACE, PC (2.5), AB, ATBMay612550252RRR
132.0Diff1143PC (6), CCB, PX, P (5)August65020323E, Fl, Pa, MP
141.0Diff743PC (3), CCB, ASA, P (5)April67541231WI, Pa, RRR
152.0Lim960SG, PC (3), CCB, ACEJanuary615062251No
162.5Diff2251SG, PC (3), PX, ASAFebruary4§15042231No
173.0Diff1765PC (2), PX, CCB, CYC, P (10)May610062251No
181.5Lim1438SG, PC (5), CCB, PX, PP, P (7.5)March615050050No
192.0Lim142CYC, CCB, PC (2), ACJune615020020No
  • SSc type: lim, limited; diff, diffuse.

  • * Indicates male patients.

  • Indicates cessation of treatment due to side effects.

  • Indicates cessation of treatment due to other events with possible impact on the effect of treatment (ulcer infection, cyclophosphamide use).

  • § Indicates patients with development of new digital ulcer or calcinosis and no significant improvement by treatment.

  • AA, autoamputation; AB, α blocker; AC, anticoagulation; ACE, angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor; AF, atrial fibrillation; ASA, acetyl salicylic acid; ATB, angiotensin receptor blocker; AZA, azathioprine; BWI, body weight increase; CCB, calcium channel blockers; compl heal, number of ulcers completely healed; CYC, cyclophosphamide; DD, disease duration; Dizz, dizziness; Dys, dyspnoea; E, Oedema; Fl, flush; HQ, hydroxycloroquine; MP, muscle pain; P, prednisone (mg/day); Pa, palpitations; PC, intravenous prostacyclin (weeks with maximally tolerated dose for 6 h/day); PP, plasmaphereses; PX, pentoxyphylline; RRR, reduction of RR (arterial hypertension) medication; Rx, reflux; SG, surgery; SL, sympathicolysis.