Table 1

Baseline characteristics and disease parameters

WG (n=24)HC (n=24)
Sex, male1312
Age (years)
 Mean (SD)50.5 (10.0)49.4 (8.4)
Influenza vaccination in previous year, n (%)12 (50)§1 (4.2)
Without immunosuppressive drugs, n (%)13 (54.2)NA
 Duration* (months), median (range)39 (8–154)NA
With immunosuppressive drugs, n (%)11 (45.8)NA
 Duration* (months), median (range)4 (2–20)NA
Prednisone, n (%)8 (33.3)NA
 Median (range), in users (mg/day)5.63 (2.5–12.5)
Azathioprine, n (%)8 (33.3)NA
 Median (range), in users (mg/day)100 (35.7–150)
Other immunosuppressive drugs, n (%)2 (8.3)NA
BVAS, median (range)t = 00 (0–0)NA
  • * Duration: length of time without immunosuppressive drugs or length of time of stable use of current immunosuppressive drugs;

  • one patient used azathioprine 50 mg five times a week;

  • one patient used ciclosporin 125 mg/day and one patient used cyclophosphamide 25 mg/day, neither used any other immunosuppressive drug; §p<0.01.

  • BVAS, Birmingham Vasculitis Activity Score; HC, healthy controls; WG, Wegener's granulomatosis.