Table 2

Probability of erosion progression over time in a single joint (GEE model, taking the correlation of four repeated reads into account as within-subject variation source)

Compared conditionsOR (95% CI)p Value
 MTX1 (reference)
 ETA0.54 (0.45 to 0.65)<0.001
 MTX+ETA0.32 (0.26 to 0.39)<0.001
 Improvement/none1 (reference)
 Worse/persistent2.13 (1.69 to 2.69)<0.001
Baseline erosions
 Normal1 (reference)
 Eroded2.00 (1.68 to 2.39)<0.001
  • ETA, etanercept only; GEE, generalised estimating equations; MTX, methotrexate only; OR, odds ratio.