Table 2

Absenteeism and presenteeism in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) with paid work

Working patients (72/135)*
Module I: Sick leave in past 2 weeks
 Patients with any sick leave (%)15.9
 Mean (SD) [range] days of any sick leave0.90 (2.3) [0–10]
 Patients with sick leave because of AS (%)11.6
Mean (SD) [range] days of AS-related sick leave0.72 (2.2) [0–10]
Module II: Presenteeism in past 2 weeks
 Work adversely influenced (%)52.8
 Mean (SD) [range] days working with discomfort4.1 (4.6) [0–14]
 Mean (SD) [range] hours working with discomfort past7.2 (11.3) [0–45]
 Mean (SD) efficiency at work (0–10, higher is more efficient)7.7 (2.4)
 Mean (SD) [range] efficiency loss (h)2.4 (4.3) [0–21]
 Mean (SD) [range] additional hours worked1.9 (4.7) [0–20]
Module II: Presenteeism (continued) in past 2 weeks
 Problems to concentrate (% often or almost always)8.6
 Slowing down the work pace (% often or almost always)27.4
 Need to seclude oneself at work (% often or almost always)1.5
 Difficulties making decisions (% often or almost always)0
 Inability to complete work (% often or almost always)8.9
 Needing assistance (% often or almost always)3.0
  • * 135 of 142 patients reported work status and, of these, 72 had paid work.