Table 1

Patient characteristics

Mid SwedenSouthern Swedenp Value
Number of patients424154
Women377 (88.9)133 (86.4)
Age at follow-up, years50.3±15.455.2±16.20.0003
Age at diagnosis, years32.2±14.139.6±14.9<0.0001
SLE duration, years18.0±11.915.6±9.0
Number of SLE criteria, median (range)5 (4–10)6 (4–10)
SLICC/ACR damage index, median (range)1 (0–10)2 (0–9)0.003
Any arterial event87 (20.5)42 (27.3)
Ischaemic cerebrovascular disease (ICVD)46 (10.8)15 (9.7)
Age at first ICVD event, years55.6±15.646.6±19.3
Stroke38 (9.0)13 (8.4)
Ischaemic heart disease (IHD)45 (10.6)21 (13.6)
Age at first IHD event, years57.9±13.557.2±12.5
Peripheral ischaemic vascular disease (PIVD)18 (4.2)13 (8.4)0.05
PIVD age at first event, years55.3±13.759.5±9.3
Venous thromboembolic event (VTE)62 (14.6)33 (21.4)0.05
Age at first VTE event, years38.4±16.246.5±17.4 0.02
Hypertension (treated)116 (27.3)54 (35.1)0.07
Diabetes18 (4.2)11 (7.1)
Smoking ever188 (44.4)78 (50.6)
+aCL IgG80 (18.8)30 (19.6)
+aCL IgM92 (21.8)37 (24.2)
+aβ2GP-186 (20.3)35 (22.9)
+aPT59 (13.9)16 (10.4)
≥2aPL94 (22.2)34 (22.2)
+Lupus anticoagulant test*56 (19.4)ND
Frequency of riswk allele (G) of STAT4 SNP rs101816560.360.280.006
  • Data are number (%) or mean ± SD if not otherwise stated, SLE criteria as defined in Tan et al,22 SLICC/ACR damage index as in Gladman et al.23 Any arterial event: ischaemic cerebrovascular disease and/or ischaemic heart disease and/or ischaemic peripheral vascular disease.

  • * Tested in 289 patients from mid Sweden.

  • +, positive test; ; ≥2aPL, two or more positive tests among aCL IgG, aCL IgM, aβ2GP-1 or aPT; a, anti; ACR, American College of Rheumatology; β2GP-1, β2 glycoprotein 1; CL, cardiolipin; Ig, immunoglobulin; ND, not determined; PL< phospholipids; PT, prothrombin; SLE, systemic lupus erythematosus; SLICC, Systemic Lupus International Collaborating Clinics; SNP, single nucleotide polymorphism.