Table 3

Inter-rater proportion of agreement in assessment between only ‘early’, ‘active’ and ‘late’ scleroderma patterns

‘No SSc-specific’*‘Early’‘Active’‘Late’Total
Rater 2, episode A
 Rater 1
  'No SSc-specific'*16091136
Rater 2, episode B§
 Rater 2, episode A
  'No SSc-specific'*1102518
  • Category ‘No SSc-specific’ = ‘normal’ and ‘scleroderma-like’ (to be able to investigate the reliability between ‘only’ the ‘early’, ‘active’ and ‘late’ scleroderma patterns, the ‘scleroderma-like’ pattern had to be categorised together with the ‘normal’ category).

  • Proportion of overall agreement: (16+1+14+12)/69=43/69=62%.

  • Images of two patients were evaluated by rater 2, episode A as both ‘active’ and ‘late’ pattern. Consequently, these two pictures were left out the calculation.

  • § Proportion of overall agreement: (11+1+22+22)/69=56/69=81%.

  • SSc, systemic sclerosis.