Table 2

3T MRI sequences and operational parameters

TR (ms)TE (ms)Slice thickness (mm)Interslice gap (mm)Slices (n)Reconstructed resolution (mm)FOV (mm)
T2 Axial SPAIR3200662.10.8220.13×0.13×2.165×84
T1 Axial474202.10.8220.11×0.11×2.165×84
T1 Coronal485202.00.2180.08×0.08×280×80
PD Coronal2340322.00.2180.09×0.09×280×80
T2 Coronal SPAIR2700662.00.2200.11×0.11×280×80
PD Coronal high resolution1800301.50.15260.06×0.06×1.560×60
 T1 Axial SPIR580202.10.8220.11×0.11×2.1065×84
 T1 Coronal SPIR540102.00.22180.09×0.09×2.0080×80
  • FOV, field of view; PD, proton density; SPAIR, spectrally selective attenuated Inversion recovery; SPIR, spectral presaturation by inversion recovery; TE, excitation time; TR, repetition time.