Table 2

GEE results (OR (95% CI)) for the outcomes erosion progression, joint space narrowing progression and Sharp–van der Heijde progression yes/no, for hands and feet separately

Erosion progressionJSN progressionSHS progression
 Swollen, ever10.0 (4.0 to 24.7)2.4 (1.4 to 3.8)3.5 (2.2 to 5.3)
 Tender, ever2.9 (1.4 to 6.1)2.1 (1.1 to 4.2)2.5 (1.5 to 4.1)
 Swollen, ever1.4 (0.95 to 2.1)2.3 (1.4 to 3.7)1.5 (1.1 to 2.1)
 Tender, ever1.02 (0.7 to 1.6)0.9 (0.6 to 1.4)0.99 (0.69 to 1.4)
  • All corrected for: total SHS baseline, erosions at baseline yes/no per joint (for outcome erosion progression) JSN at baseline yes/no per joint (for outcome JSN progression), SHS at baseline yes/no per joint (for outcome SHS progression), age, gender, body mass index, rheumatoid factor (RF)/anti-CCP2 status (double positive, RF-positive or CCP2-positive, double negative), treatment group and erythrocyte sedimentation rate.

  • CCP, cyclic citrullinated peptide; GEE, generalised estimating equations; JSN, joint space narrowing; SHS, Sharp–van der Heijde score.